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Open Die Forgings

Brief Overview of Process:

Open die forging is the process of deforming a piece of metal between multiple dies that do not completely enclose the material. The metal is altered as the dies “hammer” or “stamp” the material through a series of movements until the desired shape is achieved. Products formed through open forging often need secondary machining and refining to achieve the tolerances required for the finished specifications. Open die forging is widely used for the products in small quantity that are simple, rather than complex, such as discs, rings, sleeves, cylinders and shafts. Custom shapes can also be produced with open die forging.

Advantages :
  • Greater strength and toughness
  • Better microstructure as the grain size are fine and have a continuous flow.
  • The material waste is minimalistic and voids hardly exist in the final product.
  • Better fatigue resistance
  • Superior surface quality after machining
  • This forging technique is a cost-effective method

At A.V. Steel Forgings, we specialize in producing steel forgings from 50kg to 5000 kg single piece weight. Our large range of products cater to several industries such as power generation, marine industry, transport technology, oil industry, and other engineering sectors. On request, we provide a design consultation and recommend the most suited steel grades, heat treatment, and design feasibility.

Product Range: